“I really believe there are things nobody would see 

if I didn’t photograph them.”
— Diane Arbus





This wonderful quote is the inspiration behind my photography. The images I produce are the result of many hours work, firstly in finding the location, taking numerous photos to get the ‘one’ and secondly, time spent bringing them to life.


Born in Dorset and still living in this beautiful county, I am continuously inspired by the landscape with its ever-changing light and shadows due to the cyclical nature of the seasons. I endeavour to really challenge myself to look for something different and often find myself wandering down Dorset alleyways or other obscure locations just looking for that ‘picture’.


Photography takes me away from my everyday work as a hairdresser and a priest in the Church of England. I love being out with my camera and allowing the landscape and its overlooked quirks to talk to me. I then enjoy developing my work through experimenting with different colour palettes and compositions; printing upon other mediums, such as aluminium, to distinguish from the ‘traditional’ printed image in a frame.


Many of my photographs are taken with the intention that the viewer will ask a question. A photograph that I have named ‘No junk mail’ for example, is a picture of an old door and letterbox. I like to think the image will awaken a curiosity in the viewer such as ‘when did the door last receive a coat of paint/ how many letters have gone through the letter box/what is behind the door?’ and that adds an additional human connection with the image that they are viewing. I started with a quote so will end with one too! Thanks for reading!


“A picture is worth a thousand words” - Fred R. Barnard.